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Infrastructure and mobility has been always an essential part of Europe’s competitive economy and it has a fundamental influence on European citizens’ lives. To develope this area, there are already several investment plans and programs, such as the Digital Single Market, the Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility, the Jobs, Growth and Investment agenda or the Energy Union.

The initiative called „Europe on the Move” goes far beyond the development of the transport sector, as its large-scale program has long-term benefits for the whole economy, from the employment to the protection of the environment. Due to this strategy adopted by the Commission, a smart and competitive mobility will be achieved by 2025. With the targeted legislation and supporting actions the European Union will promote this transition. For this, 8 legislative initiatives have been drawn up for the first time, focused on road transport. This sector is of significant importance since it employs a few million European citizens.

In addition, the Commission is also supporting mobility solutions in order to ensure businesses and citizens to travel easier across Europe. In the light of this, a proposal has been introduced for the harmonization of tolling systems, which would allow road users to navigate throughout Europe without worrying about various administrative formalities. The 8 initiatives presented in the first round will include additional proposals over the next 12 months.