Global Mobilization

Services we provide

When our clients need to manage the relocation of key staff, KCG Partners provides them with both pre-decision counseling as well as departure and destination assistance relating to all permanent or short-term assignments. Our clients also rely on us to create relocation policies in accordance with their ongoing business strategies. We regularly assist clients with the following services: 

  • providing pre-decision counseling; 
  • setting up cost and time estimates;
  • advising on and coordinating immigration and tax matters;
  • assisting with compensation planning; and
  • providing destination services (e.g. lease advisory and tenancy management).

Clients we serve

KCG Partners assists businesses ranging from entrepreneurial companies to large multinationals in all facets of their relocation plans. 

Value we deliver

Our clients especially appreciate our ability to go beyond the basic legal logistics of relocation in order to address the bureaucratic nightmare of immigration issues and the important business impacts of taxation issues. Our clients receive advice on international tax compliance and assistance with creating a smooth and predictable process through Hungary's immigration administration. 


Global Mobilization advisory to an IT services company to relocate three new board members

We provided global mobilization advisory to an IT services company to relocate several IT specialists from the U.S. and Australia to Budapest. By providing our client with comprehensive immigration and tax advisory services, KCG Partners could make the entire relocation process more efficient and cost-effective, while improving the satisfaction of the employees arriving to Budapest.