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We are pleased to announce that dr Krisztián Bródy has joined KCG Partners Law Firm as an Attorney at Law, where he is involved in financial law, banking and capital market transactions.

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A new Supervisory Authority for Regulated Services

On 27 April 2021 the Hungarian Parliament adopted a new legislation on the Supervisory Authority for Regulated Services, which will in the future supervise the judicial enforcement body, the liquidators and perform official tasks related to the retail sale of tobacco products and the organization of gambling.

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The new ultimate beneficial owner register is coming

Based on a bill submitted on 20 April 2021, the new law establishing the ultimate beneficial owner register (UBO) may enter into force on 15 May 2021.

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As part of the Ally Law General Meeting 2021, law firms were asked to put together a short musical/video performance to be a part of a virtual global concert. This is the entry of KCG Partner

Hungarian Dance No. 5. by Johannes Brahms - Bálint Éberhardt (piano), Dénes Glavatity (filming and editing)

Hungarian Government to accelerate to investment in the rust zones

Dénes Glavatity (Europa Property; CEE Legal Matters; 2021)

The lowest corporate tax rate in the EU

Eszter Kamocsay-Berta (Newsweek - COUNTRY REPORTS; 2021)