IT/Data Protection

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Services we provide

KCG Partners addresses our clients’ need to eliminate or mitigate risks deriving from unwittingly breaking international and local information protection laws. We have assembled a team of cybersecurity, privacy and data protection experts so that our clients can rely on our specialized knowledge and extensive experience to help them navigate the abundant EU and Hungarian legislations pertaining to data privacy and security. Our clients frequently request our assistance with the following matters: 

  • Drafting and auditing privacy and cyber security policies
  • Preparing and responding to data security breaches 
  • Handling privacy-related claims and disputes
  • Drafting privacy statements for online activities
  • Advising on employee privacy (including counseling on monitoring employees and employee privacy relating to e-mail, internet, security cameras (CCTV), access control systems, etc.)
  • Advising on financial privacy and healthcare privacy
  • Advising on marketing policies (including advising on the information protection implications of direct marketing)
  • Advising on data processing and data transfer agreements (including cross-border data transfer - both intra-group and with third parties)
  • Executing data protection due diligence for M&A deals
  • Advising on the legal interpretation and application of data protection laws by the data protection authorities
  • Managing litigation related to cyber security, privacy and data protection


All of our clients have faced administrative and procedural difficulties arising from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), applicable to all EU Member States since May 25, 2018. At KCG Partners, we allay the fears of our clients with our standardized assessment process through which our firm assists our clients to outline the necessary steps they can take to comply with the law. 


Clients we serve

KCG Partners works with domestic, regional, and global companies to adopt sound privacy and security practices in order to ensure regulatory and legal compliance as well as otherwise protect their businesses. Whether they are EU or non-EU companies, our clients depend on us to help them properly collect and process personal and business information in connection with their offering of goods and services, both in Hungary and throughout the EU.

Value we deliver

Our clients appreciate that our expertise covers the full spectrum of European and domestic legislation related to privacy and data protection compliance. They also value the fact that we regularly deliver a strategy that is closely tailored to each client’s unique business goal, due to our expert team’s ability to apply a pragmatic and commercial approach to privacy and data protection compliance. 


Data Protection Officer for a leading European bank

Since the introduction of the GDPR, KCG Partners has been acting as the Data Protection Officer in Hungary for one of Europe’s largest banks. In this role, we have helped our client comply with the new EU data protection rules via employee training, assessment of data processing (utilizing data mapping), the elaboration of new data processing process, the modification of related legal documentation (e.g. new data processing policy), and the analysis of their data processing in connection with international data transfers outside of the European Economic Area.

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