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The new obligation of common representatives

Approximately 1.5 million condominiums are affected by an amendment of the Condominium Act regarding the registration of common representatives. According to the latest change, effective as of 1 October 2024, the condominium assembly must immediately and mandatorily dismiss the representative and revoke their property management mandate if the representative does not initiate their registration with the land registry authority within the prescribed deadline following their election.

This registration period opens on 1 October 2024 and closes on 1 May 2025, aiming to ensure transparency and legal oversight over condominiums. The representative’s activities can only be performed after the land registry authority records the appointment in the land registry, on the condominium’s main record.

Regardless of this obligation, the condominium assembly has the right to revoke the mandate of the common representative at any time and to assign another person to perform the tasks. If the common representative’s activities endanger the operation of the condominium and there is no possibility for a replacement, the notary can be requested to take the necessary steps.