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New function on NAV’s Mobile application: checking data on employment

With a new function on the National Tax and Customs Administration’s (NAV) mobile application (“NAV Mobile”), anyone can check whether their employer has notified the tax authority about their employment in accordance with the employment contract.

The services available in the “Employment data” section of NAV-Mobil offer security for all taxpayers, as any changes in their employment relationships, wage and social contribution data can be checked and irregular employment can be detected easily. This is of particular importance as the appropriate notification of the tax authority by the employer about the employment relationship is a condition for health care and later pensions. In addition to being useful for all employees, it is also expected that this very simple application will also have a positive impact on the economy by raising tax awareness among citizens and improving the position of compliant businesses.

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store app stores. It also includes a number of other functions, such as the possibility to query tax invoices, easy payment of vehicle tax, checking business partners’ details, and many other useful information, calculators and databases to help with taxation.