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KCG Partners - 10th Anniversary

10 Years – is it a LONG or a SHORT period?

10 years ago, four excellent, ambitious and unique lawyers combined their knowledge, experience, and skills to establish KCG Partners Law Firm. As of today, we have grown into a 20-person law firm with an international presence, earning increasing recognition.

10 years – a lot of WORK, meetings, client consultations, conferences, publications, Teams meetings, projects and deadlines. A lot of JOY, laughter and shared experiences. We are proud of our ACHIEVEMENTS, CLIENTS, and last but not least, our COLLEAGUES! Throughout our journey, many have become lawyers and excellent professionals in their careers; in their personal lives, they have become wives, husbands, mothers or fathers.

10 years – have passed quickly. Many small MOMENTS that, alongside our goals and tasks, make everyday life beautiful. Let's pause for a moment! We look back with joy on our shared experiences of sailing, hiking, snowmobiling and rowing. We cooked, ran, played golf, went on a bike tour and go-carting, enjoyed good food and drinks, and celebrated Christmas together. We were successful in the competition of law firms in sailing, bowling, and football as well.

Instead of a lengthy post, let a few snapshots speak for us; please view them with love, giving inspiration for when the “lot of work” period dominates. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU, many successful years, goals, and beautiful moments to EVERYONE!


/You can see our snapshots on LinkedIn/