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The new Hungarian architecture act arrives

There is a bill on the new Hungarian Architecture Act, which would replace the acts on Engineers and Professional Chambers, on the Shaping and Protection of the Built Environment and on the Protection of Townscape, and will consolidate their provisions in a modernised and clear code. The goal of the legislator is that the act should both create a more transparent, modern, simple and uniform regulation and reflect the priority given to this area.

The scope of the act as drafted will extend to all natural persons and business entities that carry out legislative activities related to architecture, are involved in the enforcement of legislation or are involved in the planning and construction process. The act aims to regulate the organisation and functioning of professional chambers, their basic tasks, as well as the rules of training and research in the field of construction.

The act will be applied to specific types of buildings together with the specific legislation applicable to them, with the additions and derogations contained therein. A significant innovation compared to the previous legislation is the inclusion of principles in the act, which must be taken into account during the preparation of plans, the application of the law by the authorities and even during the entire construction process.

One such principles is the “essential minimum”, according to which the design and construction process should always start with an assessment of real needs and the current situation. Unnecessary construction and demolition activities should be avoided. According to the bill, the act would enter into force in stages between 1 February 2024 and 1 July 2027.