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The European Commission launches its Wind Power Action Plan to support the sector

The European Commission has presented a new European Wind Power Action Plan with concrete measures to support the European wind industry. Achieving the EU target of at least 42.5% renewable energy by 2030, with an ambition to reach 45% renewables, will require a massive increase in wind installed capacity with an expected growth from 204 GW to more than 500 GW in 2030.

The wind power sector is a success story in the history of the European Union, however, its future growth path is faced with several challenges including insufficient and uncertain demand, slow and complex permitting, lack of access to raw materials, high inflation and commodity prices, unsupportive design of national tenders, increased pressure from international competitors and risks on availability of a skilled workforce.

The Action Plan will help to maintain a healthy and competitive wind energy supply chain, with a clear and secure pipeline of projects, attracting the necessary financing and competing on a level playing field globally. It sets out immediate actions to be taken together by the Commission, the Member States and the industry, building on existing policies and legislation and focusing on six main areas: (i) acceleration of deployment; (ii) improved auction design; (iii) access to finance; (iv) a fair and competitive international environment; (v) skills; and (iv) industry engagement and Member States commitments.

With these actions the EU shows its commitment to strengthening the European wind industry supply chain and reaching its ambitious renewables target for 2030.