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Are the laws on learning about occupational health and safety rules changing for the better?

A package called “Provisions on further simplification of the functioning of the state” has been discussed at the Hungarian Parliament in the autumn of 2023. Among others, the proposed new law would amend the Act on Occupational Safety and Health. One of the new rules is that the health and safety training for new employees (or for those who enter into a new position) can be delivered by providing them with the general training material or even by publishing them on an internal electronic network.

The actual training to ensure that the employee has the theoretical and practical knowledge of safe and healthy working practices and is familiar with the necessary rules remains compulsory only when work equipment is modified, or new equipment is installed or when new technology is introduced.

The planned amendment has raised concerns among trade unions, as there might be life-threatening consequences if the employers leave it up to employees to learn about the dangers they face at work and how to prevent accidents. As a result, the number of workplace accidents may rise, as without training, many people might not read or properly understand the provided materials.

At the time of releasing this article, according to the official website of the Parliament, the final version is not yet available, as only the detailed debate stage has been completed.