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The reform of the EU’s immigration policy is on agenda

The common European asylum system (CEAS) sets minimum standards for the treatment of all asylum seekers and asylum applications across the EU. The migration crisis highlighted the need to reform the EU’s current asylum rules. As part of the reform, on 23 September 2020, the European Commission proposed a new pact on migration and asylum. The proposal provides for a comprehensive common European framework for migration and asylum seekers management, including several legislative proposals. The legislative proposals aim to replace the Dublin system with a new asylum and migration management system that allocates asylum applications better between all Member States by means of a new solidarity mechanism and guarantees the timely processing of applications.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser urged the reform of the EU’s immigration policy in March 2023 after a discussion with the Belgian, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish government ministers for migration and asylum. According to her, reform must be implemented by the end of next spring, because otherwise, if no reform is achieved until this date, the Schengen area without internal border controls may be at risk. The ministers also agreed that EU countries should reach an agreement in this respect by the end of the summer 2023 to allow sufficient time for the legislative process.