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A novelty introduced in 2017 was that tax returns prepared by the tax authority will be available for tax payers online on the so-called “Ügyfélkapu” from 15 March 2017. Tax payers, who has no online personal access on “Ügyfélkapu”, may request the tax authority via text message (SMS) (phone number: +3670 717-78-78) and also personally or in writing to send the draft tax return by post. It is important to include in the SMS the tax payer’s tax registration number and date of birth, as the tax authority can send the draft only to identified tax payers.

Another new possibility for individuals and sole-proprietors that they can pay their tax debts online or via bank card. The different taxes (like personal income tax and health contribution) may be paid together by one transaction, thus, the bank transfer costs can be minimized. It is important that the service requires registration on “Ügyfélkapu”. The tax authority introduces the new payment possibility gradually: the payment packages can be prepared and the transactions can be completed since the end of January, whilst the payment obligations resulting from the electronic tax returns can be paid on the so-called “webNYK” surface from 15 March 2017.