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Demands of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (Magyar Szakszervezeti Szövetség, “MASZSZ”) put together in a ten-point manifesto its long-standing demands accumulated over the past few years. The president of the Confederation announced the manifesto on 27 April 2022. As soon as possible after the formation of the new Hungarian government, the Confederation sends its manifesto to all decision-makers and the leaders of the parliamentary parties.

The Confederation emphasises the importance of social dialogue and it urges the strengthening of the collective agreements system at the workplace and at sectoral level, as well as the restoration of trade union rights. The increase of wage levels and the extension of job-search allowance are also important elements of the Confederation’s demands. The Confederation expects the new government to develop a system which facilitates the better reconciliation of work and private life, eliminates discrimination and harassment at the workplace, and to introduce necessary legislation to create equal opportunities for women at work. The reform of the current pension system is also listed among the demands, but the trade unions consider the renewal of education and vocational training to be just as important. The Confederation calls for a meaningful dialogue with the new government and for constitutional guarantees to ensure its stability.