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Temporary protection granted for people fleeing the Russian-Ukraine war

The Hungarian Government adopted a decree on 24 February 2022 that allows people fleeing the Russian-Ukraine war to enter Hungary and guarantees ‘temporary protection’ for them. This temporary protection applies to all Ukrainian citizens and refugees who lived in Ukraine and their relatives. The temporary protection, at this stage, is available for one year. In order to get the temporary protected status, after entering Hungary, people must register at the Immigration Authority or at one of its sub-offices at the reception centres located near the Ukraine border. With the temporary protected status Ukrainian citizens are entitled to get accommodation, food, medical care, also dental treatment, maternity care, vaccinations and education for children. They are also entitled for monthly cash allowance for the duration of their protection. The monthly amount of the allowance is HUF 22,800 (approx. EUR 62).

Those Ukrainians who get temporary protection in Hungary can work in certain jobs without a special work permit, where there is shortage of Hungarian workforce. For example, these jobs include IT professionals, engineers, software developers and jobs in the construction industry. If they apply for position where there is no shortage of workforce, they shall apply for work permit, but it is issued in a simplified fast-track procedure.

The Government also issued several decrees in order to tackle the challenges that may arise, e,g. on granting financial support for employers hiring Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war. The financial support is paid directly to the employer who must use it to cover the employees’ accommodation and travel expenses. The amount of the financial support is maximum 50% of the employee’s monthly accommodation and travel expenses, which may not exceed HUF 60,000 (approx. EUR 162) per employee per months.