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New residence permit for “digital nomads”

In November 2021, a bill on the amendment of Act II of 2007 on the Entry and Stay of Third-Country Nationals in Hungary was accepted by the Parliament. The purpose of the modification is to create a new type of residence permit for “digital nomads” and it will enter into force on 1 January 2022.

The digital nomads are remote workers who travel different locations on a regular basis and use modern technology to perform their work from anywhere in the world. The new residence permit for digital nomads (so-called ‘White Card’) will allow third country nationals to live in Hungary while they work remotely for their foreign employer.

The rights relating to the new residence permit will suit to the lifestyle of digital nomads; its validity period will be shorter compared to other types of residence permit (it will be valid only for one year and might be renewed for an additional year); and the relatives of a person holding digital nomad residence permit will not be entitled to apply for the residence permit for family reunification. If the holder of digital nomad residence permit will be entitled to stay in Hungary on any other basis (e.g. working for a Hungarian company or pursuing gainful activity in Hungary), it will be necessary to change the type of the residence permit accordingly.

The purpose of the new regulation is to support tourism and to give a new boost to IT sector by attracting third country professionals to Hungary