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Reform of the road transport sector

The European Parliament approved the reform of the road transport sector on 8 July 2020. The new rules aim to end the distortion of competition in the transport sector and to ensure better working conditions for truck drivers. The purpose of the new regulation is to provide a clear framework for the road transport sector all across the EU.

The new rules ensure better rest conditions for drivers and allow them to spend more time at home. For instance, the weekly mandatory rest period cannot be taken in a truck cab, but in an appropriate accommodation, paid for by the employer. Furthermore, the companies will be obliged to organise the timetables in a way that drivers are able to return home on a regular basis (i.e. in every 3 or 4 weeks depending on the work schedule).

In order to detect the breaches of rules, tachographs shall be installed in the vehicles to register border-crossing. To prevent the use of letterbox companies by hauliers, the revised rules will require road haulage companies to have substantial activities in the EU Member State in which they are registered. The new regulation will also require trucks to return to the company’s headquarters in every 8 weeks. The new rules will also provide a clear legal framework for posting of drives, in order to prevent differing national approaches and to ensure fair remuneration for drivers.

The new rules will enter into force after being published in the Official Journal. The rules on rest times will apply 20 days and the rules on posting 18 months after the publication.