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In the framework of the Hungarian ‘Public Administration and Public Service Development Strategy 2014-2020’ a single building authority system was introduced as of 1 March 2020. Until now the state carried out the construction permitting activities in a twofold way: while local governments also had responsibilities, some construction issues were with governmental departments. This not only slowed down the administration, but also obliged the country to double its resources. In addition, from this date it is not possible to appeal the resolutions of the government authorities, but customers can exercise their right to appeal directly at the court.

Another important development in the construction authority is that it will be possible to commence certain activities more easily, which until now have been unjustifiably tied to having a license. Procedures are established in which certain activities can be commenced within 30 days of notification. During this time, the state may verify the conditions and prohibit the activity if it deems necessary.

As of 1 March 2020 all assets and pecuniary rights of the local municipalities which ensured the performance of the building administrative tasks of the city notary were transferred to the use of the state. The right to use is exercised by the principal and county government offices. The district offices of the principal and county government authorities performing building and building examination authority tasks at first instance had to hand over all documents of building and building examination cases to the principal and county government authorities until 29 February 2020.