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On 24 October 2019 certain amendments entered into force relating to the rules of simple notification in construction matters (in Hungarian: “egyszerű bejelentés”).

As a main modification, in case the client is a natural person and wishes to ensure his own housing by a simple notification, the building activity can be performed without keeping a log-book, without the technical management by the designer (in Hungarian: “tervezői művezetés”) and without any liability insurance of the designer or the contractor.

As a result of this amendment, the building activity subject to simple notification no longer can be initiated by putting in standby the electronic log-book, but the simple notification must be made on the platform of electronic Documentation System Supporting the Building authority permission procedure (in Hungarian abbreviated: “ÉTDR”). Furthermore, the modified rules enable the client to obtain the occupancy permit or the certificate of completion in case the building site has not been handed over by the contractor, however, the client already has the declaration of the contractor certifying that the building is proper and suitable for safe use.

The modified government decree on the simple notification of residential buildings lists the content of the simple notification and the documents to be attached to the notification. In addition, the modified annex of the decree contains a more detailed list of the minimum work parts of the simple notification constituting the construction documentation.