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On 6 December 2018 the European Council adopted a general approach on a proposal for the establishment of the European Labour Authority (“ELA”). The objective of the regulation is to create a new organization that would assist Member States in implementing EU legislation in the fields of cross-border labour mobility and social security coordination.

The aim of the ELA is to (i) provide information for employees and employers on their rights and obligations, (ii) support cooperation between Member States in the cross-border enforcement of EU law (e.g. by means of facilitating joint labour inspections), and (iii) mediate and facilitate finding solutions in cases of cross-border disputes between national authorities. The ELA will provide national labour authorities with operational and technical support to exchange information, develop cooperation methods, carry out inspections and settle disputes.

The ELA will have a permanent structure made up of approx. 140 staff members. The ELA will be set up in 2019 and will reach its full operational capacity by 2023.