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Based on the amendment of the company registration procedure entered into force on 19 July 2017, the content of the form on the company’s application for registration and for amendment has been changed. For instance, the scope of the data to be provided has been broadened, as in case the company is established by merger with a foreign company, the registered seat of the predecessor company has to be provided. In this case furthermore the application for registration shall include the registration number and the name of the registry authority of the foreign company. It is important that now the new forms must be used in these procedures.

The regulations on the seat services has been also amended with effect date of 19 July 2017. According to the previous new rules, which had been accepted but never entered into force, only the owner or the registered user of the real property could have been entitled to provide seat services for companies. However, instead of these strict provisions, the new rules allow the provision of seat services in the lack of the above mentioned conditions, if the owner of the seat gives its consent to the use and the parties are affiliated companies or have business interest in each other, or the service provider is registered as delivery agent according to the company excerpt, or it also provides accounting services permanently.