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Ally Law 2023 EMEA Regional Conference in Milan

Levente Csengery, Bálint Zsoldos and Krisztian Kiralyvolgyi, representing KCG Partners, as the Hungarian member of Ally Law Global Legal Services, participated in the Ally Law 2023 EMEA regional conference in Milan. It was delightful and useful to meet colleagues from the Ally Law network, especially to see young talents from several offices. Together we are strongly committed to serving clients' needs, building trust and solving important problems.
Thanks to Wendy Horn and her team for the marvellous organization. Thanks to Paola Sangiovanni and her colleagues at Gitti and Partners for their warm hospitality, great conversations, collaboration and insights.
Another great success, which proves and shows the power of the Ally Law Network.
Looking forward to working together and meeting next time!
You can find more pictures on our LinkedIn page.