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Amendment of the scheduling of power plant connections

The specific connection procedure of power plants based on the requests of 2 May 2022 has been amended again, as a result of which deadlines set for authorized network operators are also amended. According to the government decree published on 29 March 2023, the new deadline to provide the technical and economic conditions for industrial-size power plants and electricity storage facilities as well as for all investments with a connection needed to a medium voltage network is 10 May 2023, while for the rest of the power plant investments it is 30 June 2023.

Before the amendment, the investors whose connection requests were submitted before 2 May 2022, were required to submit a statement about their intention to maintain their investment. Nearly 5000-megawatt size mainly weather-dependent solar panel investments were involved and almost all investors confirmed their investment will. The declaration procedure was necessary so that the authorized network operators could get a clear picture and are now able to plan the necessary developments according to the actual needs.

Apart from the introduction of the two-term scheduled issuance of the technical and economic conditions, the government decree also states the order how the free capacities becoming available as a result of the network developments are published for each category to the applicants by the authorized network operators.

Furthermore, the deadline for payment of the supplement financial security due in 2023 was also amended. Since applicants with connection claims submitted before 2 May 2022 would receive information on the possible connection date the soonest after 23 April 2023, the new deadline for payment of the relevant supplement financial security is 60 days following the determination of the connection date.