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European Parliament adopted the Digital Service Act (DSA) regulating online platforms

The new Digital Service Act adopted by the Members of the European Parliament on 20 January 2022 contains measures to tackle illegal content, to ensure platforms are held accountable for their algorithms, to improve the transparency and the content moderation. In the past 20 years the online platforms have developed so much and became particularly important in the daily life, that is why the aim of the new act is that the online space must also operate in accordance with the legislation on offline space.

In this context, the DSA establishes a safeguard mechanism for the removal of illegal products, services, content online which would also prevent the spread of disinformation. The DSA laid down the “Know Your Business Customer” principle, which means that the online marketplaces must ensure safe purchases and the traders must be traceable. The compliance with the new DSA requires mainly IT solutions such as new algorithm development (in connection with disinformation, advertising, protection of minors). However, the EP also says that several micro and small enterprises will be exempting from DSA obligations.