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On 24 September 2019 the commencement of the electronical land registry (E-Land registry) project was announced aiming at the development of real estate and land issues. As a result of the E-Land registry, a safer, more transparent and faster system will be established, which would also enable automatic decision-making processes. This step follows the electronization of the administrative processes resulting in the decrease of the lead time and costs of the land registry procedures and the increase of the legal certainty.

Land administration procedures, workflows as well as an information system supporting electronically the data provisions will be created in the framework of the project. As a further result of the development, the consortium managed by Lechner Knowledge Centre (in Hungarian: Lechner Tudásközpont) integrates the handling of the official public land registry and the central land register. The new land registry system must be connected with other data bases, e.g. with the address and population registers.

The development started in 2019 and will finish expectedly by the end of 2021. The new system can be launched following the test period, in autumn 2022.