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An amendment to the act on industrial properties enters into force on 1 January 2019. Such amendment not only modifies the existing trademark procedures, but also creates a more efficient, fast and customer-friendly system. Due to this modification, the Hungarian trademark legislation will also be conform with the requirements of the applicable EU directive.

The modification of the current trademark system has not only been necessary in order to comply with the EU legislation, but also to comply with the technological, social and other significant changes. One of the most important effects and changes of the amendment that it consists of the extension of registrable marks with the abrogation of the requirement of graphic representation, meaning that audio- or video files can also be submitted. Secondly, the modification introduces new absolute and relative grounds for refusal and it modifies the provisions on collective and certification marks.

The new modified trademarks system will also be in line with the requirements of the applicable data protection regulation (in particular with the provisions of GDPR) that causes the change of the practical rules of the electronic administration (especially on the scope of the processed data).

The modification enters into force in January 2019, meaning that now we should soon see the benefits of an improved, modern system in operation.