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The so-called Integrated Legislation System (ILS; in Hungarian: Integrált Jogalkotási Rendszer) is planned to be implemented in Hungary by the end of 2018. The main purpose of the ILS is the reduction of the administrative burdens of the public administration and the increase of the quality of the services for citizens and companies by the administration.

The expert framework system will cover the entire process of the legislation from the preparation of the first draft of the law until its publication in the Official Hungarian Gazette (in Hungarian: Magyar Közlöny). The ILS will support the legislation of local municipalities and renew the publication system of the municipality decrees.

In the framework of the ILS, the National Law Store available on the link http://njt.hu/ will also be updated. An intelligent searcher for legal regulations will be implemented to ensure faster access to the Hungarian laws by the users. The searcher will also be available on a mobile application and from a personalized administrative surface with thematic legal regulation services.